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Point of use


Course duration

1 hour virtual classroom


Target audience

Professionals working with people with autism, cognitive disorders or intellectual disabilities in a medical-social establishment equipped with the AMIKEO solution.


Trainees must have acquired basic knowledge of how to support people with autism, cognitive disorders and/or intellectual disabilities. He/she must work with mentally and/or cognitively handicapped people in a facility equipped with the AMIKEO solution, and must have completed the initial and advanced training courses (initial only for the Work sector).





Visit Usage points (PU) are carried out remotely via videoconferencing with the digital referents and all the professionals in the field, in order to take precise stock of how the beneficiaries are using the applications and to guide the supervisors in integrating the digital tool in line with the objectives of the individual project and/or the areas of work defined together. These discussions allow us to take stock of progress and difficulties encountered.

Pedagogical objectives

  • Read the usage diagnosis
  • Review and update usage programs
  • Describing progress and overcoming difficulties
  • Define how to adjust your practices and uses according to the trainer’s assessments and advice

The trainers

Terms and conditions of access

Access to the point of use follows completion of the Initial and/or Advanced training course, or a one-day field training session. An interview with our teams will enable us to analyze needs, adjust content to trainee profiles, check pre-requisites and, if necessary, identify disabled situations requiring adaptations.

Dates and times are determined by mutual agreement between the parties involved.

Access time: 2 months maximum after completion of the training course. In-depth training or field coaching day.

Teaching resources and methods

The interactive teaching method is based on a usage diagnosis (PPT presentation) and discussion sessions.

The point-of-use is 100% synchronous. A connection link (Google Meet type) will be sent to the structure’s training manager in advance of the session. To connect, you don’t need to download any software, just use a web browser. The virtual classroom opens 15 minutes before the start of the session. In the event of difficulty, the technical department contacts trainees by telephone and assists them until they are connected.