Dr Julie Renaud Mierzejewski

Dr Julie Renaud Mierzejewski

Dr Julie Renaud Mierzejewski

Areas of expertise

  • Supporting medical-social structures in integrating digital tools into personalized projects for people with disabilities
  • Cognitive stimulation workshops with people with ASD
  • Training courses for professional and family carers in the use of digital technology with people with autism and intellectual disabilities.
  • Presentations at national and international scientific conferences and symposia
  • Participate in product design and improvement proposals, and lead product innovation missions.
  • Coordination and leadership of scientific committees (recruitment, follow-up, communication) and beta-tester groups

Career path

Science and support manager


Researcher Hospital engineer

Etablissement public de santé Barthélémy Durand – Research Unit of the Regional Center for Pain and Somatic Care in Mental Health and Autism

Researcher – INSERM U1016 – Institut Cochin

Genetics and Development Department – Genetics and Pathophysiology of Neurodevelopmental Diseases Team headed by Prof. Jamel Chelly

Researcher – INSERM U968 – Institut de la Vision

Development Department – Team headed by Dr Alain Chédotal

Diplomas and training

DU GBM Valorization of Research and Biomedical Innovation

UPMC (Paris 6)

Doctorate in Neuroscience

UPMC (Paris 6)

Master of Science and Technology in Integrative Biology and Physiology, specializing in Neuroscience

Pasteur Course: Development and plasticity of the nervous system

UPMC (Paris 6)


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Training experience


Training and supervision in medico-social establishments and parental guidance

ANAE trainer

Occasional presentations on the theme of disability and digital technology


Occasional presentations on the theme of disability and digital technology

CRAIF trainer

Digital tools and autism spectrum disorders


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  • S. Estival, J.-C. Martin, V. Demulier, J. Renaud, État des lieux des techniques d’intervention pour l’entraînement des habiletés sociales de travailleurs présentant un trouble neurodéveloppemental, Pratiques Psychologiques, 2023
  • Renaud J, Cherruault-Anouge S “Digital applications for the autonomy of people with autism spectrum disorder. De la nécessité d’un processus d’innovation et d’une utilisation centrés sur la personne et ses aidants”, Enfance 2018/1 (N° 1), p. 131-146.
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