Coach Abileo

Coach Abileo, the solution designed for disabled workers and their supervisors

What is Coach Abileo?

  • Designed with ESAT workers and supervisors, Coach Abileo is a digital solution for training mentally handicapped workers and adapting their workstations.
  • Composed of a tablet adapted and customized to the user needs, it offers sequences to acquire know-how, quizzes to develop interpersonal skills and learningexercises to increase field knowledge.
  • All professional skills are assessed and validated directly in line with the business reference framework available to supervisors via the Auticiel Cloud.
  • It’s a true coach capable of guiding the employee through every stage of her work and daily professional life within the company!

For who?

  • Coach Abileo has been designed for workers with special needs: autism, intellectual disability, dyspraxia, Down’s syndrome… to help them develop their know-how, interpersonal skills and self-esteem.
  • It is also perfectly suitedfor supervisors, who can easily and objectively assess the progress made thanks to data monitoring and frequent level assesment. What’s more? They benefit from a better planning and practical resources to guide them and relieve them of low value-added tasks.
  • Everyone can then concentrate on what’s important: developing the workers professional skills and the instructors management skills!

With the support of


Packaging worker at Esat J. Chavent

The tablet is like a brain. She helps us with all the work we do. When you forget something, you ask for the tablet and it tells you what’s missing or not missing.


Catering workshop instructor at Esat J. Chavent

The positive side of the tablet is that skills can be acquired in a very short space of time. very short time. For example, prior to this tool, we had two people trained in setting up Thanks to the tool, I now have seven.


Cosmetics worker at Esat J. Chavent

It’s a good working tool, and helps me to work independently. We don’t need everything the instructor’s time (…) We like to use it.

A solution for disabled workers...

Co-designed with disabled workers and supervisors, Coach Abileo is a tablet-based digital solution that provides tailored support for the development of professional skills (know-how, interpersonal skills and knowledge) and autonomy.

As a genuine adaptation of the workstation, Coach Abileo offers a method and support to assist the development and assessment of skills in the day-to-day work environment.
It meets international standards in terms of guidance, structuring and predictability, and makes up for the absence or inadequacy of paper and cardboard supports, which are limited in their effectiveness, degradable, cumbersome and costly.

  • Fun and intuitive
  • Fully customizable to adapt to a wide range of profiles
  • Easy to use and suitable for non-readers
  • Support for the evaluation and pedagogical coaching of supervisors


They talk about it better than we do:

“The tool helps me get organized, I get lost less and I’m more focused”.
“Thanks to the tablet, it’s getting easier and easier to use the machines, which helps me.”
“It helps me understand because there are images”.

And also for their supervisors

Coach Abileo helps supervisors (workshop instructors, job coaches, etc.) to carry out their support mission, on the one hand by providing adapted teaching tools to support learning and autonomy, and on the other hand by helping them to assess the development of workers’ skills on a daily basis.

It also encourages peer-help and tutoring systems between the beneficiary workers themselves. Last but not least, it promotes the development of digital skills for workers, an additional opportunity in their career path.
The aim is tohelp your organizations promote the inclusion of workers while putting in place the conditions for their professional self-determination. Testimonials from proof-of-concept users are quite edifying:

The framers talk about it:

“We can accompany more people”
“The tool has become my third arm!”

Coach Abileo

Institutions and associations

Tailor-made offer

  • Subscription for individual users or as part of a tablet package (turnkey)
  • Abileo Cloud Coach subscription
  • Training and support
  • Option: communication
  • Option: project management

Designed for professionals, the Coach Abileo Cloud, is a secure online interface for managing content, applications and tablets.

  • To share resourcesand learning activities or methodology accross a whole professional team
  • Improve beneficiary care, identify her capabilities, personalize her content and increase her skills
  • Accelerate best practice diffusion by efficiently deploying the created activities and contents
  • Provide precise KPIs to management teams and imrove visibility for on-the-field professionals work achieved