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What is the Prestation Compensation Handicap (PCH)?

In France, the Prestation Compensation Handicap (PCH) covers certain expenses linked to a major difficulty in terms of autonomy, as a consequence of disability (for example, the financing of a technical aid or recourse to a third party).

This is a personalized form of assistance, granted on the basis of a specific request submitted via a file, with supporting estimates. The granting of aid then depends on an assessment of the request by a multi-disciplinary committee.

The application must be sent to the Maison départementale des personnes handicapées (MDPH ) in your département:

  • The application form. You can apply online for certain departments! Go here
  • Required administrative documents
  • An estimate for the purchase of the technical aid.
Download the PCH leaflet

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Using the PCH for AMIKEO

The Amikeo Tablet Pack is a compensatory technical aid designed to develop the autonomy of people with disabilities. Designed with a scientific and ethical committee and in partnership with user associations (UNAPEI, Fédération Française Sésame Autisme…)
the Amikeo Tablet Pack

  • An adapted, secure tablet (with one interface for the user and one for the carer)
  • A pack of 10 applications specifically designed and adapted for cognitive or mental disabilities
  • Reinforced shell with screen protector and easel

Financing arrangements

1. The AMIKEO Tablet Pack can be reimbursed as a technical aid under the Disability Compensation Scheme (up to 75%, up to a maximum of €3,960 per 3-year period).

2. The duration of PCH assistance is 3 years. It is therefore advisable to ask for a 3-year AMIKEO quote to cover the subscription period.

3. We advise you to test the applications to explain in the application how they are adapted to the user’s needs (applications available for free testing on the AppStore and Google Play Store).

4. We recommend that you complete the application form with the help of professionals (speech therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, etc.).

Improving independence with AMIKEO

Auticiel is an ESUS (Entreprise Solidaire d’Utilité Sociale)-certified Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) company that designs applications on touch-screen tablets designed to develop the autonomy of people with cognitive and/or mental disabilities (autism & tsa, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, etc.).

With AMIKEO applications, AUTICIEL offers its subscribers the widest range of specialized applications (timetables, timers, sequences, augmented alternative communication, social scenarios, emotions…). Flexible and customizable, this software suite can be used on both iPad and Android tablets.

To make it easier to get to grips with the applications, Auticiel also offers a “turnkey” AMIKEO Tablet Pack, specially designed and adapted for people with mental and/or cognitive disabilities.

Designed and improved since 2013, AMIKEO applications are used by 200,000 people in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Canada.
In France,700 medico-social establishments are equipped, trained and supported by Auticiel, an approved training organization listed on Datadock.

Designed with the help of associations and a recognized scientific committee, AMIKEO applications transform a simple touch tablet into an autonomy-enhancing tool for people with mental and/or cognitive disabilities (autism, intellectual disability, Down’s syndrome, etc.). Applications are highly customizable to suit the age, needs and abilities of users.

Thanks to the AMIKEO applications developed by AUTICIEL, users can customize their applications according to their needs and comprehension skills:

  • Learn to be independent

    in everyday life and at work , thanks to simplified, customizable tutorials that guide users through tasks step by step, according to their level of understanding: washing clothes, preparing food…

  • Communicate

    with any interlocutor thanks to images and a synthesized voice (80% of our users are dyscommunicative)

  • Find your way through the day
    thanks to a simplified timetable and intelligent timers, reducing anxiety and behavioral problems

  • Work

    with sequences,
  • Learn to

    recognize emotions and adapt behavior to social situations

  • Record instructions

    in video format for viewing in slow motion…

Whether at home, at school or at work, AMIKEO applications are a genuine disability compensation tool. Customizable, intuitive, mobile, fun and non-stigmatizing, they offer simple interaction that’s adapted to even the most disabled audiences.

Contributions of AMIKEO applications by learning area

Depending on the application :

  • Understanding speech, emotions and facial expressions
  • Visual attention, comprehension, communication
  • Express an emotion, a mood, a feeling, a pain
  • Communicating, making sentences
  • Learn how to make a puzzle, taking into account the details of the image to be reconstituted and the shape of the pieces.
  • Ability to categorize, associate and differentiate
  • Finding your bearings in time
  • Perform everyday tasks
  • Recognize and discern which attitude to adopt in a given social situation
  • Recognizing and discerning emotions