Autism: 5 objects for a more peaceful Christmas 06 October 2023
Many objects can reassure your child and reduce his stress and anxiety, so don't hesitate to bring all the objects that contribute to his well-being to your New Year's Eve party. We've put together a selection of 5 items that can be easily transported to spend New Year's Eve outdoors....
AMIKEO tablet pack
The AMIKEO tablet pack: a tablet and apps that revolutionize daily life for people with autism 06 October 2023
In recent years, new technologies, led by tablets, have opened up new, concrete prospects for helping people with autism and ASD to learn and live independently.   Aware of the importance of this subject, Fédération Française Sésame Autisme signed a partnership in 2015 with Auticiel, ...
Arche à Paris amikeo tablets
Amikeo tablets for l’Arche in Paris: Let’s support their crowdfunding campaign! 06 October 2023
The l'Arche à Paris campaign is now online, and they have just a few days left to reach their second milestone! The association for mentally handicapped adults has unveiled a funny, no-holds-barred campaign to raise funds for the purchase of 41 AMIKEO tablets. These tablets will promote the inclusi...
social handy
Social Handy, an application for learning to be independent 06 October 2023
digital mental handicap
Is digital technology a solution for people with mental and cognitive disabilities? 06 October 2023
People with mental or cognitive disabilities share common difficulties that limit their autonomy and affect their relationships with others. Appropriate methods therefore need to be put in place to promote the social integration of these people. Exploiting the potential of new technologies is one o...