AMIKEO Field Day – Children & Adults sector

Amikeo | On-site supervision


1 day (6 h)




850€ EXCL. TAX

Training presentation

Field Accompaniment Day

Workshop to perfect and evaluate the use of the AMIKEO solution in medical-social establishments

Course duration

1 day (6h)

Target audience

Professionals working with people with autism, cognitive disorders or intellectual disabilities in a medical-social establishment equipped with the AMIKEO solution.


Trainees must have acquired basic knowledge of how to support people with autism, cognitive disorders and/or intellectual disabilities. He/she must accompany people with mental and/or cognitive disabilities within a structure equipped with the AMIKEO solution and must have followed the Initial training entitled “Integrating the AMIKEO digital tablet in ESMS to accompany people with mental and/or cognitive disabilities” and the In-depth training entitled “In-depth use of the AMIKEO solution”.


850€ EXCL. TAX


  • Further mastery of AMIKEO solution operation
  • Construction and evaluation of teaching content to develop and consolidate learning and promote autonomy
  • Further development of the school’s digital project workstreams
  • Review and update individual usage program objectives
  • Training in real-life work situations

Pedagogical objectives

  • Perfect your knowledge of the AMIKEO solution (applications and cloud)
  • Evaluate and, if necessary, revise teaching content previously created and/or implemented
  • Adjust practices and usage according to the trainer’s observations and assessments after real-life situations
  • Develop new educational content and evaluate its use and impact on the people we support.
  • Update individual usage programs

The trainers

Terms and conditions of access

Access to this training course is generally initiated by the establishment, and follows completion of the “Approfondissement” training course or a previous field support day. An interview with our teams will enable us to analyze needs, adjust content to trainee profiles, check pre-requisites and, if necessary, identify disabled situations requiring adaptations.

Dates and times are determined by mutual agreement between the parties involved.

Access time: maximum 3 months after completion of training course

In-depth training or field day.



Introducing the speaker, the professionals and formulating expectations

Assessment of AMIKEO solution use

  • Presentation of a usage diagnosis
  • A time for exchanging information on field applications and results
  • Joint analysis of customized learning content
  • Selection of support situations to be analyzed and evaluated


Design, implement and evaluate learning content and independence aids

  • Observation of the trainer and real-life implementation of techniques and techniques and procedures relating to the approaches taught in training
  • Drafting and elaboration of learning and self-sufficiency content under the trainer’s supervision
  • Qualitative assessment of content created to acquire and consolidate target skills
  • Collective feedback

Definition and adjustment of next project steps and milestones.


  • Debriefing of the day and reminder of next steps in the presence of all professionals involved
  • Satisfaction questionnaire