Amikeo day – Adapei 79 06 October 2023
Auticiel x Handy Up 06 October 2023
Earmuffs: discover our top 5! 06 October 2023
Sensory overload is a phenomenon that happens to many people with autism. When there's too much noise, too many people, too many smells or too much light, the brain has to process too much data at once, and can't analyze it all. Then the overload is effective. This is a source of a lot of stress ...
Autism: 5 objects for a more peaceful Christmas 06 October 2023
Many objects can reassure your child and reduce his stress and anxiety, so don't hesitate to bring all the objects that contribute to his well-being to your New Year's Eve party. We've put together a selection of 5 items that can be easily transported to spend New Year's Eve outdoors....
Amikeo day – Adapei 77 06 October 2023
I work on communication with AMIKEO®. 06 October 2023
Communication applications are designed to help people with communication difficulties. They enable them to work on verbal exchanges, understand the expressions of those around them, and strengthen or create links with their environment....