Social Handy, an application for learning to be independent

Published: 06 October 2023

Auticiel met with the Institut Médico-Educatif Notre Ecole ( IME ) for World Autism Day (April 2, 2012). From this meeting was born the idea of working together to create an application for autistic children that would enable them to work on social interactions on a daily basis.

With its fun quizzes, the Social Handy™ app provides tools to better apprehend everyday situations. Thanks to fun quizzes, it can be used in an infinite number of situations: in the street, at the dinner table, at the IME…

A database of 25 situations is available, all ultra-customizable (sounds, images, etc.). In the management area, you can easily create new quizzes to suit your needs! By taking photos of what surrounds the person on a daily basis, you can improve their understanding and give them concrete reference points to guide them.

The application includes :

– More than 25 situations devised by educators, speech therapists, neuropsychologists and psychologists.
– A space reserved for the caregiver to create, delete or modify situations directly from your tablet/smartphone.
– Track your progress with statistics

Thanks to ergonomics that facilitate concentration (clean design, large buttons, etc.) and its closed management space, the application can be used with a companion or on its own.

Particularly suited to people of all ages with developmental disabilities, this application makes learning fun for everyone!

About IME Notre Ecole

IME Notre Ecole is a special educational facility for people with autism, opened in 1985 by the AIDERA Paris association. Since 2005, this institute has belonged to the AFG, Association Française de Gestion de services et établissements pour personnes autistes, and welcomes 42 children and teenagers.

The IME Notre Ecole team aims to help people with autism acquire greater autonomy, improve their communication with others and develop their abilities.

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