Amikeo day – Adapei 79 06 October 2023
Auticiel x Handy Up 06 October 2023
Amikeo day – Adapei 77 06 October 2023
Pléïade numérique: AFAEDAM innovates alongside Auticiel 06 October 2023
AFAEDAM, a family association helping disabled children and adults in the Greater Metz area, was already deeply committed to inclusion through innovation, with its Pléïade numérique project for digital accessibility for all! Since 2019, the Metz-based association has strengthened its digital off...
Auticiel Adapei 44
Auticiel and Adapei 44: a solid partnership and rich exchanges 06 October 2023
A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet up withAdapei 44, our top partner since 2016 during an Amikeo Day full of emotions 🤩🚀...
Auticiel and CAPS 06 October 2023