Amikeo tablets for l’Arche in Paris: Let’s support their crowdfunding campaign!

Published: 06 October 2023

The l’Arche à Paris campaign is now online, and they have just a few days left to reach their second milestone! The association for mentally handicapped adults has unveiled a funny, no-holds-barred campaign to raise funds for the purchase of 41 AMIKEO tablets. These tablets will promote the inclusion of their mentally handicapped beneficiaries.


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Samel explains how the Amikeo tablet will help him and each of his friends in the home.

Agathe prepares her vacations with the Voice application on the Amikeo tablet

Emmanuel offers you coffee thanks to the Séquences application on his Amikeo tablet!

The whole team is very proud of its long-standing partnership with l’Arche in Paris, and we can only encourage you to share this campaign on all your social networks, and above all to get involved – every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference!


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