Abileo Coach in-depth training – Work sector

Coach Abileo | Advanced training


1 day




1350€ EXCL. TAX

Training presentation

Deepen your understanding of the Abileo Coach solution and get to grips with all the workshop’s digitized content.

Course duration

1 day

Target audience

Professionals working in the sheltered sector in a facility equipped with the Coach Abileo solution


The trainee must have acquired basic knowledge of how to support people with autism, cognitive disorders and/or intellectual development disorders.
He/she must work with people with mental and/or cognitive disabilities within a structure equipped with the Coach Abileo solution, and have completed the initial training course entitled “Integrating the Coach Abileo solution into the context of work in the sheltered sector”.
They must also have at least some experience of working in the sheltered sector.


1350€ EXCL. TAX


  • Review of applications: handling, content creation, pedagogical implementation methods
  • Getting to grips with the workshop’s Abileo Cloud Coach
  • Presentation and familiarization with the workshop’s digital workstations and content
  • Customize your workshop schedule
  • Creating the first challenges

Pedagogical objectives

  • Deepen your understanding of how the Coach Abileo solution works and how to configure its applications.
  • Get to know the digitalized content of the Abileo l’atelier cloud coach: repository, workstations, sequences, exercises and quizzes.
  • Evaluate workers’ progress using the Abileo Coach solution
  • Develop initial teaching content according to needs

The trainers

Nicolas Coutant
Nicolas Coutant Éducateur spécialisé - Formateur - Chargé d'accompagnement
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Dr Julie Renaud Mierzejewski
Dr Julie Renaud Mierzejewski Docteur en neurosciences - Responsable pédagogique Auticiel formations
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Terms and conditions of access

Access to this training is generally initiated by the establishment.
A discussion with our teams will enable us to analyze needs, adjust content to trainee profiles, check pre-requisites and, if necessary, identify situations requiring adaptations.

Dates and times will be determined by mutual agreement between the parties involved.

Access time: maximum 3 months after first contact.



Tour de table

Introducing the speaker, the professionals and formulating expectations

Presentation of the day’s program

Update on the various events in the support cycle



Presentation of digitized workshop content and the Abileo Cloud Coach

  • Reference
  • Posts
  • Tasks
  • Sequences
  • Exercises
  • Quiz



Deepen your understanding of the Coach Abileo solution and how to configure its applications

  • Review of application functions and settings according to participants’ needs
  • Review of Abileo Cloud Coach features
  • Manipulations, creation of educational content and practical exercises



Theoretical content, work in sub-groups, feedback and discussion.

Create your workshop schedule

  • Review of the schedule and its functionalities
  • Customize the schedule for each workshop


Theoretical content, work in sub-groups, feedback and discussion.

Skills management and progress tracking

  • Create challenges according to the needs of shop floor workers: customization time
  • Evaluating challenges: adopting a structured, ritualized and progressive approach
  • Monitor and assess skills within the business repository



  • Summary
  • End of course quiz
  • Satisfaction questionnaire



Autres formations

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1 day