The offbeat interview: what is an Auticiel digital referent?

Published: 06 October 2023

Since February 2020, Damien Lengrand, an educator at the OVE Foundation, has been in charge of the Auticiel project, which is being rolled out in around ten OVE Foundation establishments.

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Hello Damien! Tell us, what is an Auticiel digital referent?

So, it’s a person who helps professionals to use the applications, to think about content creation, to accompany them on their journey so that everything can be put in place for users in the best possible way. I work with professionals so that they can provide the best possible support to users.


But what are you actually good for?

I don’t want to be useful afterwards, so that professionals can look after themselves, but at first it’s complex to launch a project like this, with a digital tool that professionals aren’t used to using. I monitor this project so that, little by little, they really get to grips with the tool.

Are you happy doing this job? If so, why?

Of course I’m happy to do this job because it allows me to see something different, to change my daily routine and to take on other challenges.

At first, I didn’t necessarily believe in the Auticiel project when it was presented to us in training, I thought it was going to be a lot of work, that we didn’t have the time, because we were already running around all the time, but in the end, little by little, we realized that if we use the Amikeo tablet well, if we handle it well, we’ll save time. And the most important thing is that we can see how the youngsters are progressing, and that’s what keeps us going, telling ourselves that we’re going to find the time to continue helping them!

Do you have any advice for a future digital consultant?

You have to live the project to the full, I basically like computers, going on the Internet, taking photos, making videos, so it’s something that helps later on, liking to handle this type of tool and then having a background as an educator, not just arriving like this, because it helps the professionals, when they ask us questions, certain issues speak to us, we have experience on these subjects.

What’s gratifying is that we can see the positive side for users, the feedback they give us is beyond words.

At first, it can be frightening for some users to use such an unfamiliar tool, but once they understand what it means and see the benefits behind it, it’s exceptional. We can really see the positive side for young people, for adults, for all types of populations, whether disabled or autistic.

What would you say to an association hesitating to take on a digital referent?

I think that in a digital project like this, it’s essential to have someone who can follow up and launch the machine when needed. Auticiel’s follow-up is very good, but the digital referent complements it, so you can have a long-term follow-up, which is great to start with.

But it also means telling associations to leave time for professionals to create content and tools, to institutionalize all this in their calendar, and to set aside a specific time for Auticiel to create and share content and experiences. It’s really important for the establishments, so that it can continue.

And above all, the most important thing is to be able to integrate the Auticiel tool into the beneficiaries’ individualized projects.


And finally… Do you prefer chocolate bars or Auticiel bars?

I used to be more of a chocolate bar girl, but now I’m more and more of an Auticiel bar girl!

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