Launch of the Abileo Coach, a new solution for developing professional skills

Published: 06 October 2023

This June 29 we unveiled the results of the latest study carried out by Centsept on our new solution for workers with disabilities: Coach Abileo, at a morning event atAdapei 69‘sEspace CoLab. It validates the results of this new digital tool for workers and their supervisors. This solution enables disabled workers to develop their professional skills on a day-to-day basis, while making it easier for supervisors to provide support.

In addition to designing and testing a solution in the public interest, the results of these tests highlight a unique 18-month multi-partner co-innovation process.

A morning in Lyon at the heart of co-innovation

The morning began with a presentation by Coach Abileo

and the Talentéo agency’s excellent video featuring the testimonials of the supervisors and disabled workers who have placed their trust in us for this project.

Workers fromESAT Jacques Chavent and their supervisors then took the floor to talk about the benefits of this new digital tool.

Le centsept, a center for experimentation and acceleration of projects serving the general interest, then presented its study on the effectiveness of the Coach Abileo tool.

We continued with testimonials from Cegid and Akka, financiers and sponsors of this fine multi-partner project.

The workers then took over the lead for the morning, offering all those present workshops demonstrating the tablet and the Abileo Coach tool.

A big thank you to the workers fromESAT Jacques Chavent, who then invited all the participants to a buffet prepared by themselves.

A coach for mentally handicapped workers and their supervisors...

Designed with ESAT workers and supervisors, the Abileo Coach is a digital solution for training mentally handicapped workers and adapting their workstations. Composed of a tablet adapted and customized to the needs of its user, it offers sequences for know-how, quizzes for interpersonal skills and exercises for knowledge.

It’s a real coach capable of guiding the employee through every stage of his or her work and daily life within the company! All professional skills are assessed and validated directly in line with the business reference framework available to supervisors via the Auticiel Cloud.

The tool is also designed for supervisors, who can easily and objectively assess the progress made thanks to monitoring data. What’s more, they benefit from better planning and resources to guide them and relieve them of low value-added tasks. So they can concentrate on what’s really important: looking after the workers!

... Validated by a real-life study resulting from an unprecedented 18-month co-innovation project

Coach Abileo is the fruit of a truly collaborative approach involving players from the private sector, local authorities and associations (Auticiel, Adapei 69, Cegid, Akka technologies, La Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, CCAH, LeCentSept, Les Oranges Vertes and Talentéo), at every stage of its development.

This took the form of a 6-month trial at Adapei 69’s ESAT Jacques Chavent in 4 workshops (packaging, catering, cosmetics and apprenticeship) to validate the relevance and effectiveness of the solution.

In concrete terms, all workshop workers could be required to work with the tablet and/or screens. In each workshop, three workers used the tablet more specifically to work on skills.


Packaging worker at Esat J. Chavent.

“The tablet is like a brain. It helps us with everything we do. When you forget something, you ask the tablet and it tells you what’s missing or not missing.”


Catering workshop instructor at Esat J. Chavent

“The positive thing about the tablet is that skills can be acquired in a very short space of time. For example, before this tool, we had two people trained to start up the customer plunge, and thanks to the tool today I have seven.”


Cosmetics worker at Esat J. Chavent

“It’s a good working tool, it helps me to be independent in my work. We don’t need the instructor all the time (…) We like using it.”

With proven effectiveness

At the end of the trial, it was clear that the solution was helping workers to improve their skills, particularly when it came to learning new tasks. The sequencing of activities offered by the tool enables each worker to work at his or her own pace, but also to gain in autonomy.

It also makes it easier to support workers in carrying out workshop tasks, while facilitating an individualized training plan. More generally, the instructors also noted an increase in workers’ confidence and motivation with the use of the Abileo Coach. This observation is corroborated by the feelings of the workers themselves.

In fact, they all want to continue working with the Abileo Coach, as they find the fact that they can “manage on their own” and “learn on their own” very rewarding. Reassured in their daily tasks, some even manage to project themselves into learning new related skills.

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