Auticiel and Adapei 44: a solid partnership and rich exchanges

Published: 06 October 2023

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet up withAdapei 44, our top partner since 2016 during an Amikeo Day full of emotions 🤩🚀

Sharing best practices...

… Exchanges between establishments, professionals and families who didn’t know each other, enabled everyone to learn from each other in order to develop their use of digital technology.

Two parents came to talk about the contribution of the tablet at home and the family support program. The result is simple: less mental workload and time saved, because sequences and pictograms are now all in one place and can be modified in a matter of seconds.

When we asked Jonathan what Auticiel meant to him, he replied: “Auticiel is people who are there to help us. The tablet helps me do my housework, make a cup of coffee”. He took the tool and created his own sequences to help him in his day-to-day work.

To bear witness, they redoubled their ingenuity

Foyer de Vie St-Donatien took the opportunity to create a video with all its beneficiaries to explain to other professionals and families how the Amikeo tablet is used within their establishment.

Maël, a worker in a wiring workshop, also uses the tablet every day. He creates all the workshop sequences himself, and is THE person who knows Amikeo best! He will soon be taking a training course to become a digital referent.

Auticiel Adapei 44

What a long way we've come...

… since 2016, with 400 tablets deployed in 33 structures, 4 digital referents dedicated to the project, and hours and hours of use. On the day, professionals, beneficiaries and families gathered to share best practices.

Equally special mention to...

Household adults who use Amikeo on a daily basis to cook for themselves, prepare for medical appointments, wait with the timer, do the housework… all with a view to moving into inclusive living!

These two parents, who came to talk about the contribution of the tablet at home and the support provided to families, used these words: “Magical “Extraordinary” “We’ve got our social life back” “We’re back to normal decoration, with no pictograms on the wall everywhere”. “It’s a load off our minds to have to redo everything on paper every time”.… with a special mention for user service and technical support “They’re great, they listen, they’re patient…thank you”.

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