Amikeo tablet: a mother’s opinion

Published: 06 October 2023

Florence is the mother of an 18-year-old boy, Julien, with severe autism and a significant intellectual disability. She discovered Auticiel and the Amikeo tablet during the first confinement and shares their new daily life with us.

Julien and his use of the tablet

The Amikeo tablet meets several of Julien’s needs:


The tablet is a tool that has always helped him progress, whether in purely cognitive or even academic learning. This tool enabled us to rekindle Julien’s interest, whether it was to work on communication or anything else, and it boosted his motivation. When we equipped him with the Amikeo tablet, he immediately understood that it was a tool for him, that we were racking our brains to be able to give him his compensatory tool, that his mom was involved, so he took to it straight away and was very proud.

I have videos of the first times he took the initiative to ask for sensory balls in the evening that blew the speech therapist away because he was able to make progress.

Setting up the Amikeo tablet

What made us decide to go with Auticiel in the first place was the fact that the application Sequences could be integrated into the Agenda, but also the ease of use of the application VoiceAnd finally, all applications can be customized to support the huge database of pictograms, photos, etc. that we’ve had for years.


Julien’s motivation used to run out on communication, we had binders everywhere, Sequences all over the house, for washing hands, teeth… What motivated me as a caregiver was to be able to put it all together and find my own decor, I’d say. And, of course, the fact that my son can take the tablet just about anywhere, in different living environments, at boarding school, etc., is a great advantage.

To start the digital project with the Amikeo tablet, we were lucky enough to be able to access the Aidants 3.0 training course, so thank you Auticiel andUnapei.It’s this kind of partnership that makes sense, because for us it’s impossible to go away on a training course, but online training that we can follow at our own pace, and virtual classes where I can ask all my practical questions, such as: “How am I going to get all the pictograms into my office? Voice?” and the quality of the content and the availability of the people, first of all for the training, but also in general with Auticiel, your ability to listen and adapt is invaluable .

And if you have any problems with your tablet, the after-sales service is very helpful, so it’s good to have the Tablet Pack.

What can you say to families who are reluctant to take the plunge?

To do it! Not to be left on your own, to have professionals help you target your child’s needs, to help you create sequences, to choose where to start, where and with whom.

It may sound very heavy, but in the end it’s not, because you have to start very small. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from your training course, it’s this: you have to go slowly, and just because you don’t do anything for two months doesn’t mean it’s serious.

Why is it important for professionals to involve families in this project?

Because the exchange is interesting, it allows us to measure progress, to have regular exchange times, concrete things, it helps families enormously at home, it also shows us our skills as parents, makes us feel valued. As parents, we play an active role in supporting our loved one.

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