Amikeo solidarity campaign: Auticiel distributes 650 free Amikeo subscriptions and provides digital training

Published: 06 October 2023

Auticiel launches "AMIKEO Solidaire" campaign

In this context of health crisis, the Auticiel team is committed to supporting you.

As soon as the lockdown began, we organized free
free digital support webinars for families
to help families manage their daily lives. We have also helped many professionals to get to grips with digital remote working tools. On April 2, we organized an operation


to raise awareness of the difficulties of confinement for people with autism spectrum disorders and, more generally, mental and/or cognitive disabilities.

5 actions for our users, families and professionals during confinement:

  • 650 free AMIKEO subscriptions were distributed to 118 establishments
  • 165 professionals received distance training in digital tools
  • 10 free webinars have been produced to help families manage everyday life at home thanks to digital technology.
  • +200 digital educational contents have been created, including 2 files to explain the health crisis in images
  • Tutorials created and technical support mobilized to help with the use of tablets and software

650 AMIKEO subscriptions distributed free of charge during the health crisis

Thanks to work linked to the “Un monde de liens” operation
Un monde de liens
“operation run by the Boulanger Foundation and the Fondation Hôpitaux de France, 118 medical-social establishments identified by Auticiel were able to receive a donation of digital tablets.

The objective? Distribute adapted digital tools so that confined adults with disabilities can keep in touch with their families and professionals, keep busy, soothe themselves and ensure educational continuity.

To ensure that these are secure and adapted, we have offered them 650 AMIKEO subscriptions until September.
See our article on the benefits of adapted digital tools during confinement.

Free e-learning training with OPCO Santé

As part of our mobilization during this health crisis, we have filmed and put online a

training course in digital tools, 100% e-learning

on the OPCO Santé website. Comprising 3 modules, this e-learning training is covered at 100% by the OPCO Santé and accessible free of charge to professionals until September 30, 2020.

With a total duration of 5h30, each professional can follow the course at his or her own pace, divided into 15-20 min video capsules and 10 min teaching activities. They can also sign up for a virtual class to exchange ideas with us and other participants.

Free registration until September 30 here

+ More than 200 pictograms and sequences to download on your AMIKEO apps

The Science & Accompaniment team has worked to create over 200 pictograms and sequences to download directly into your AMIKEO apps from the “Public – AMIKEO Pro” library.

Two files are devoted to media related to COVID-19.

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Reminder: To benefit from this, you need to be a CLOUD-licensed establishment.

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