Maryline Blanc

Maryline Blanc

Areas of expertise

  • Accompanying people with disabilities (ASD)
  • Parental support
  • Coordination of Personalized Support Projects
  • Setting up communication tools for non-verbal or communication-impaired people

Career path

Specialized Educator

I.M.E Unité Adapté Autisme 2 (16 years – 26 years)

Instructor Educator

Independent educator (ages 8-26) ASD

I.M.E. Unité Adapté Autisme 1 (8 – 16 years)

Adult unit (25 years – 60 years) Psychiatric hospital center

Diplomas and training

SOFCODH Day: Habituation to care

Conference organized by COMM SANTE – La Roque d’Anthéron


Specialized educator

GRETA – Aix-en Provence


Watch’n Learn: Communication prerequisites

ABA Instituut – Paris, 75


ABA: VB-MAPP/ Verbal behavior and designation

ABA Instituut – Drunen (Netherlands) and Paris, 75


Moniteur Educateur

MFI Avignon

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