Training disabled workers to use the AMIKEO digital tablet

Amikeo | Initial training


1 day


People with disabilities


1350€ EXCL. TAX

Training presentation

Training for disabled workers

Familiarizing disabled workers with the use of the AMIKEO digital tablet in a professional context

Course duration

1 day

Target audience

Mentally, cognitively or psychologically handicapped workers accompanied to a facility equipped with the AMIKEO solution.


The trainee must work in an Etablissement et Service d’Aide pour le Travail (ESAT) or an Entreprises Adaptées (EA) and or be accompanied in an Institut Médico-professionnel (IMPRO) as well as any other structure acting in the field of work in the protected sector. The trainee must use the AMIKEO tablet in a professional context..


1350€ EXCL. TAX


  • Getting started with the AMIKEO tablet
  • Discovering applications and the customization interface
  • Discovering needs in terms of visual aids at the workstation
  • Co-construction of digital educational content, adapted to the needs of the worker and the work context

Pedagogical objectives

  • Familiarize yourself with digital tools
  • Learn how to use the AMIKEO tablet, its applications and the content creation interface.
  • Identify workstation needs
  • Co-construct teaching aids and use them in the workshop context

The trainers

Terms and conditions of access

Access to this training is generally initiated by the establishment. A discussion with our teams will enable us to analyze needs, adjust content to trainee profiles, check pre-requisites and, if necessary, identify any disabled situations requiring adaptation.

Dates and times will be determined by mutual agreement between the parties involved.

Access time: maximum 3 months after first contact.



Tour de table

Introducing the speaker, workers and formulating expectations


Getting started with the AMIKEO tablet

  • Discovering touch interfaces
  • Getting to grips with the digital tool
  • Application overview and handling
  • Familiarization with the customized interface


Co-construct teaching aids and use the AMIKEO tablet in the workshop context

  • On-site needs analysis and identification of relevant operating modes
  • Development of learning and autonomy aids under the supervision of the Auticiel trainer
  • Putting it into practice and fine-tuning
  • Collective feedback on the materials created


  • End of course quiz
  • Satisfaction questionnaire