UEMA and SESSAD La Bourguette Autisme equip themselves with AMIKEO

Published: 06 October 2023

At the end of 2016, the association la Bourguette Autisme decided to take the digital step. Supported by Auticiel, the IME and SESSAD teams welcomed 14 AMIKEO tablets. Pascal Fauvel, Director of the Pôle Ressources Petite Enfance, explains his approach:

Can you tell us about your digital equipment project?

The 14 tablets will be made available to children with autism and professionals from the UEMA and our SESSAD. The tablets were delivered at the end of 2016, followed by on-site training by AUTICIEL in early January 2017, a week after a PECS training session.

The tablets are therefore being deployed for the benefit of the Pôle Ressources Petite Enfance, which offers a unique and innovative response (in the region and in France), since it specializes in early childhood, and is therefore able to offer early intervention as recommended by HAS and ANESM.

What’s more, two of its departments directly implement a stimulating experience ofinclusion and diversity for all: the crèche, which welcomes both ordinary and disabled children, and the Unité d’Enseignement Maternelle Autisme (Autism Nursery Teaching Unit), where a class of 7 children with autism is housed in an ordinary school.

You're going to equip yourself with AMIKEO tablets. Why did you choose to work with AUTICIEL?

We chose to work with AUTICIEL not only because of its reputation in our sector, but also because of the fact that AUTICIEL was awarded a prize by the Fondation MMA des Entreprises.

AUTICIEL was awarded a prize by the Fondation MMA des Entreprises

which provides long-term support for the La Bourguette Autisme association.

We also hope to open up the possibility of cooperative ventures beyond the customer-supplier relationship, to develop applications for people with autism spectrum disorders, drawing on La Bourguette’s unique experience.

What do you expect from the use of digital tablets?

The early and intensive interventions recommended by HAS and ANESM are based in particular on the use and implementation of communication support devices or alternative communication models to verbal communication.

These approaches rely in particular on the use of images and pictograms. The use of tablets seems to us to be a perfectly adapted medium, quicker in terms of preparation and undoubtedly more attractive to children.

What’s more, it trivializes the medium, as opposed to a more “stigmatizing” binder. Finally, we see this as a necessary means of ensuring the continuity of the communication medium between locations and over time.

Discover our communication applications here

How will you assess the contribution of these tools, and when?

The use of the tablet with each child will be decided as part of the child’s personalized project, and will therefore not be systematic. The evaluations we are already carrying out will enable us to question the relevance of the child’s use of the tablet.

As soon as the relevant and effective use is attested following the assessment, we will proceed with theMDPH application for PCH to finance the purchase of a tablet, which will then belong to the child and be able to accompany him everywhere for a long time to come. For our part, we’ll be able to use these tools on a permanent basis, to try them out with all the new children in our care.

About La Bourguette Autisme

association La Bourguette Autisme
founded in 1973, opened the first institutions in France dedicated to autism. It has unique experience in France in supporting autistic people of all ages, from infancy to retirement, and children with multiple disabilities.

It has gradually developed an original approach to support, based on education, work, openness to the world, socialization through shared village life, sport and culture.

Today, it enables more than 200 residents in its 9 establishments* in the Bouches-du-Rhône, Var and Vaucluse departments to live out their lives with respect and dignity. Some 250 professionals help these people to realize their full potential.

It continues to develop new initiatives such as piloting the innovative autism nursery teaching unit opened inside the Camille-Claudel communal school in Montfavet, Avignon, opened in November 2015, or the crèche for children with disabilities opened within its Pôle Ressources Petite Enfance in Avignon or the first facility for ageing people opened in La Bastidonne (84) at the beginning of 2015.

Thanks to Pascal Fauvel for his feedback!

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