Professionals: get free training in digital tools with opco santé

Published: 06 October 2023

Medical and social professionals, take advantage of FREE e-learning training in digital tools to make daily life and learning easier for adults and children with mental and/or cognitive disabilities.

Training in over 100 e-learning tools

Auticiel Formations currently offers two types of training courses

1. Training in the use of digital tools to support people with disabilities (presentation of over 100 tools)

2. Training on Auticiel tools for establishments using tools developed by Auticiel

The “Digital tools for people with disabilities in the context of a health crisis” training course belongs to our 1st training category. Discover over 100 thematic applications that are useful in everyday life for people with disabilities. Several virtual classes are available to enable you to interact with our trainers and other participants.

Free registration
until December 31, 2020
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Find out more about training on the OPCO Santé website:

Why train in adapted digital tools?

Since the start of the crisis, digital tools have proved to be invaluable allies in helping to manage the confinement of people with mental or cognitive disabilities (children or adults with autism, intellectual disabilities, Down’s syndrome, etc.).


To stay connected during confinement:

The use we’re thinking of most directly relates to the link. Digital tools allow us to :

  • See each other remotely, with videoconferencing applications (Skype, Meet… or sites like
  • Take photos, film videos and send them to families
  • Sending messages or e-mails


To understand and communicate about the crisis, thanks to visual and audio tools :

  • To explain what’s going on with easy-to-understand videos
  • To show what you can and can’t do with social scenarios
  • Learn how to use barrier techniques with fun tutorials


To continue learning, despite heavy constraints , and develop learning in all its dimensions (autonomy, motor skills, communication, academics…) thanks to dozens of specialized applications available on tablets.


But also to soothe, give reference points, play, etc.

  • To structure the day with timetables and timers
  • Managing emotions with interactive scales
  • Keep busy and calm with games and relaxation applications

Training objectives

  • To present a range of digital applications adapted to people with disabilities, to facilitate containment management in the context of the COVID-19 health crisis.
  • Present recommendations for use defined in line with the recommendations relayed by the Prime Minister’s Secretariat of State for the Disabled
  • Present use cases and testimonials to benefit from the perspective of experienced users
  • Present a methodology for implementing tools in order to select, personalize and evaluate them according to the profile and individual difficulties encountered in the context of confinement.


Professionals in the health or medical-social sector (IME, SESSAD, FAM, foyer de vie, MAS…) working with children, teenagers or adults with neurodevelopmental disorders (ASD, intellectual disability, trisomy 21…).

Total running time: 5h15min approx.

  • 3 x 1.5-hour modules (video clips and educational activities)
  • 30 min virtual class: 1 session of 30 min offered each week, accessible to all trainees during their course (OPTIONAL)

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