PRESS RELEASE: the effectiveness of digital applications scientifically proven to promote daily autonomy

Published: 06 October 2023

For a year, Dr. Maëla Trémaud compared the effects of using a tablet with applications specially designed to promote learning and autonomy in autistic people, with those of traditional paper and cardboard tools (pictogram binders, paper sequentials, etc.).

Result: autistic children make faster progress with digital tools. What’s more, more of them are receptive to this tool than to paper media.

The aim of the study

22 children with autism spectrum disorders and associated intellectual disabilities aged 3 to 16 were monitored over the course of a year in several medical-social establishments in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region.

The study, piloted by the Adapei 64 research center and the University of Aix-Marseille, assessed the development of the skills of children included in a group working with a tablet equipped with the 10 applications of the Amikeo program designed by Auticiel. In comparison, she evaluated the performance of a group of children working with traditional paper and cardboard tools. The comparison focused on communication, autonomy and socialization skills.

Results in favor of digital tools

The digital tool: a more intuitive and motivating mediator, enabling a greater number of autistic children to make progress.

Dr Trémaud explains: “On the one hand, this benefit is linked to the more attractive, playful and dynamic effect of digital applications compared to conventional tools, thus encouraging children’s motivation and attention. On the other hand, it stems from the highly individualized and progressive customization of applications to the needs and functioning of each child.t”.

The Amikeo applications have been specially designed for people with autism. They can be fully customized to meet a wide range of user profiles, while remaining as close as possible to the needs of users, their environment and their sensory particularities.

Statistical analyses showed that, over the course of the study, children with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities developed more communication, autonomy and socialization skills with digital tools than with traditional tools.

Take the case of Edouard, who used the Amikeo program for a year, and Benoît, who used traditional tools (pictogram binders, paper sequentials, etc.) for a year:

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