Preparing for back-to-school with the Amikeo tablet

Published: 06 October 2023

Back-to-school can be a real ordeal for children with autism. Arriving in a new class, with new faces and places, can be overwhelming.

Moving into a new class can also be difficult for parents. Fortunately, with the Amikeo tablet, parents can put a number of things in place to help their child manage the change and adapt better to his new class.

We’ve listed a few ideas for you:

Voice Amikeo

Promoting communication with the VOICE application

You can encourage your child to communicate with you and ask questions about his or her new class. So don’t hesitate to use the Voice application to give him all the vocabulary he needs to talk about his school and the playground. This may give you a better idea of his fears and doubts, so that you can offer him appropriate support and encouragement as he adjusts.

Organize your time with the AGENDA application

You can start preparing your child in advance by telling him about the new class and showing him photos of his new school, but also by creating his back-to-school schedule with the AGENDA application. Depending on your child’s preferences, don’t hesitate to use a photo of their school to help them find their way around.

Learn social codes with SOCIAL HANDY

Your child may be wondering about certain social codes, or he or she may be completely unaware of certain codes that are important at school: how to behave in class, how to answer a question from the teacher, and so on.

During the summer, you can practice with your child by putting him or her in social quizzes on the Social Handy application. It’s a fun activity that will help your child get to grips with the new school year.

Become self-sufficient with SÉQUENCES

The start of the school year is also a good time to become more autonomous, so you can introduce a few Sequences at the beginning of the year, which when completed independently, can give way to others to enable your child to become more independent throughout the year.

For example: packing a schoolbag before going to school, putting together a pencil case, getting dressed, setting the breakfast table, etc.

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