Getting ready for the holidays with my AMIKEO tablet

Published: 06 October 2023

To get you ready for the festive season, we’ve put together a few ideas for content and activities you can do with your Amikeo tablet.

I make Christmas-themed puzzles with the PUZZLE application

A Christmas tree, a present, a Yule log, a Santa Claus – it’s all possible withAmikeo‘sPUZZLE application… The options are endless! It goes without saying that you should choose the themes that speak most to your child.

Communicating Christmas with VOICE

It might be a good idea to add Christmas pictograms to theVOICE application, so that you can communicate around the holidays: explaining the Christmas meal, the presents, the tree, etc.

You can also add photos of the people who will be attending the New Year’s Eve party, so you can discuss them with your child. If the New Year’s Eve party isn’t taking place at your home, it might be a good idea to ask the host to take a photo of the room where the meal will be held, as well as a room where your child can isolate himself if he feels the need, to reassure him and explain the situation to him beforehand.

I make holiday activities with SEQUENCES

To get your child into the Christmas spirit, we suggest you plan several activities (always according to his or her preferences) to do with you around the Christmas theme. This will help him feel involved and have a great time with you! Simple activities that can be carried out independently using the SEQUENCES application.

I'm working on emotions with AUTIMO... and the people present at the New Year's Eve party.

Why not involve your family or friends who will be attending Christmas Eve dinner, and get your child working on recognizing emotions… and the people at the meal on Christmas Eve!

Don’t hesitate to ask them to take a photo of themselves representing a particular emotion, explaining that this will help your child better discern emotions and allow you to prepare the evening with him or her in advance via AUTIMO!

Preparing for December 24 and 25 on AGENDA

Getting away from the routine is often stressful… To reduce this stress as much as possible, don’t hesitate to prepare these two days well in advance on your AGENDA application, with visits to family members, the preparation of a long meal, the arrival of presents, and so on. Don’t hesitate to talk about it regularly with your child, using AGENDA as a support to help him visualize what lies ahead.

I stage Christmas Day scenarios with SOCIAL HANDY

To help your child prepare for New Year’s Eve, you can create scenarios with him or her on theSOCIAL HANDY application, re-enacting moments from the evening: opening presents, arriving at the party, the meal. In this way, he’ll have prepared well in advance for the social behaviors he needs to adopt, and will be less stressed by the situation.

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