Caregivers 3.0 with the Orange Foundation: register online for free!

Published: 06 October 2023

100 families from Île-de-France were able to take part in the pilot phase of the Caregivers 3.0 training program in partnership with the Orange Foundation and Craif in 2021.

Following the success of this first phase, the Orange Foundation and Auticiel are once again teaming up to make the program available free of charge to 500 families throughout France, with the help of the GNCRA.


Are you accompanying a disabled relative? Do you have any questions about the digital tools that might be useful for her?

Get free training and support: sign up for Formulaire Aidants 3.0!

Families, there's still time to register!

Aidants 3.0 is an online training and support program that adapts to each individual’s pace.
The program has been designed for family carers to help them make sense of all the available applications and use technology effectively to support their autistic loved ones.


The training helps you choose the right applications, integrate them into daily routines and evaluate progress. In addition to online training, we offer 3 one-to-one parental guidance sessions.


With Caregivers 3.0, you’ll be able to choose relevant applications for your daily routines, and see improvements in communication, behavior management, social skills development, self-determination and overall quality of life.


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