Auticiel & the OVE Foundation join forces

Published: 06 October 2023

Since 2019, Auticiel and the OVE Foundation have deployed the AMIKEO program in fifteen establishments, and trained more than 100 professionals to develop the autonomy and learning of the people supported!

The Auticiel and OVE Foundation project brings together more than 100 Amikeo tablets and applications for children, adults and work in 14 establishments:

  • IME Romanet
  • IME Renaison
  • IME Céladon
  • IME Jacques Rochas
  • SESSAD Faverges
  • SESSAD Delta 01
  • MAS Michel Chapuis
  • CAJ Les Villanelles
  • EAM Stéphane Houdet
  • ESAT Faverges
  • ESAT Thônes
  • ESAT Myriade

“Digital tools are an essential lever for achieving greater autonomy, for what we now call self-determination, the power to act”.

Christian Berthuy

Managing Director, OVE Foundation

On June 29, 2021, the OVE Foundation welcomed the Auticiel teams to a day of feedback and sharing of practices, AMIKEO day.

A look back at this unique day:

In the morning, welcome coffee and welcome kits to take notes on the day.

Dr Julie Renaud, neuroscience researcher and Scientific Director of Auticiel, then presents the data collected over a year and a half. Good news, a peak in usage is noted from August 2020, correlated with the launch of field support92% of tablets in use!

After an introduction, presentation of the project’s progress: over a hundred children, adults and workers with disabilities are benefiting from the Amikeo tablet program. 101 tablet packs have been deployed since 2019, and 200 professionals and families have been trained and educated.

Each facility is then invited to take the floor to present its own AMIKEO application use cases

The afternoon is devoted to themed workshops. After an ice-breaker game, the professionals meet in groups to discuss the contribution of AMIKEO applications to communication, social interaction and daily autonomy.

The aim: to share practices, answer questions and define future uses and content that could be shared.

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