Time In

1 Amikeo subscription = 10 applications

Time In™ is part of the pack of 10 Amikeo applications

Time In™ lets you represent the passage of time without needing to tell the time!
How long does 5 minutes take? How long should I brush my teeth?

Hours and minutes are an abstract concept used to divide up time, which requires learning.

Particularly suited to anyone who has difficulty grasping the concept of time, Time In™ gives shape and meaning to the activity in hand for those who have not mastered this learning.

The application offers a choice of “timers”, colored timers that can be customized ad infinitum : add images, include animations, choose a form of time representation… Everything is designed to adapt to the user’s sensibility and offer a fun and pleasant experience.


Sound and animation timers

The disc, bar or zigzag fills in with a color and shows how much time has elapsed, and how much time is left.

Create your own sequences

Composed of a series of timers, the sequences allow you to prepare a sequence of illustrated and timed steps.

Add images

With personalized sequences, users can become more autonomous.

Customize animations

Customize the end-of-stage animation according to the focus of interest.