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Séquences™ is part of the Amikeo pack of 10 applications

SEQUENCES™ is an application that breaks down a task into a succession of personalized steps to guide the user through its completion. Each step is represented by an image or video and a text and sound instruction.


By helping users find their way through the day and become more autonomous, the SEQUENCES™ is a tool in line with HAS and ANESM recommendations. Concrete aids, such as visual aids, are highly useful in giving the person the means to understand what is happening in their environment, in social interactions, as well as what is expected of them.”

Sequences™ on video


Visual and sound sequences

Break down a task into different stages, illustrated by pictograms, images or photos, and accompanied by an audio message to facilitate comprehension.

Progress visualization

With the time band at the top of the screen, users can keep track of the progress of their activity.

Integrated timer

Program a timer for stages that require it (e.g. cooking for 5 minutes).

Numerous configurations

Customize images, sound instructions, display of completed activities.


Favorise l'autonomie et le développement de compétences
Adaptable à l'âge, aux besoins et aux capacités de l'utilisateur
Utile à l'infini : pour apprendre à s'habiller, pour réaliser une recette, pour travailler...
Améliore la compréhension grâce à des consignes visuelles et sonores