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Logiral™ is part of the Amikeo pack of 10 applications

After several years of experimental research showing that “the world moves too fast” for some people with autism spectrum disorders, and several years of applied research showing the benefit of slowing down audio-visual signals from the environment on their abilities (emotion recognition, imitation, verbal comprehension, eye tracking, gaze fixation), Carole Tardif and Bruno Gepner, from the University of Aix-Marseille, with the Auticiel® company, under the aegis and thanks to the support of the French Ministry of Education, have developed Logiral™.

With Logiral™, you can slow down any movies, cartoons, or video sequences you make, and present them on your tablet at different speeds.

Logiral facilitates attention and comprehension.

Studies have shown that audio-visual slowing enables people to look more closely at the scenes presented on screen, stabilizing their gaze on the face, mouth and eye areas. The use of Logiral, in everyday life as well as in speech therapy, helps to improve :

  • facial, verbal and gestural imitation
  • decoding facial expressions and emotional resonance
  • lip-reading, audio-visual synchronization and language comprehension.

Numerous testimonials, such as
Rémy, on tv5monde
have shown that using Logiral with children with autism reduces behavioral problems during an activity, which are often linked to frustration due to misunderstanding.

Logiral™ video


4 levels for video speed control

4 icons and 15 intuitive speed levels provide access to the most frequently used slow-down levels.

Import films, cartoons, videos...

Copy videos to the device’s gallery for playback from Logiral.

Simplified video recording

Video-making made easy with Logiral™: click, film, watch!

Screen lock

With the screen lock option, there’s no risk of accidentally exiting the application while viewing.


Improves lip-reading, audio-visual synchronization and language comprehension
Promotes attention and concentration
Facilitates facial, verbal and gestural imitation
Develops facial expression decoding and emotional resonance