1 Amikeo subscription = 10 applications

iFeel™ is an application that lets youexpress a need, emotion or feeling using pictograms and the voice recorded on the tablet.

It’s essential for everyone to be able to express their feelings. The inability to do so can lead to frustration, dependency, undiagnosed pathologies… Designed for people with communication difficulties, the iFeel™ application has been thought out to accompany the implementation of alternative communication tools. It allows you to :

  • Emphasize an emotion, a feeling or a need and express it orally using the recorded voice (e.g. “I need to go to the toilet”).
  • Select intensity on a scale of three indicators (low, medium, high).

iFeel™ in video


Images, computer-generated voices and scales

12 images are already pre-integrated for immediate use. Secondly, three intensity indicators allow us to refine the intensity and work on scales.

Choose from 5 mascots and/or add photos

Choose the image and voice of a child, adult or smiley, boy or girl. User photos can be uploaded directly.

Detailed body diagram for pain

Thanks to body schema, it’s possible to localize pain expressed as “I’m in pain”. Use the magnifying glass to zoom in on a particular area.

360° customization

Show or hide images, choose size, voice speed, colors…


Permet d'être compris de tout un chacun
Accompagne pas à pas dans la Communication Augmentée
S'adapte à l'âge, au sexe, aux besoins et aux capacités de l'utilisateur
Diminue les frustrations et les troubles du comportement
Améliore la compréhension et l'apprentissage grâce à de vraies voix françaises