1 Amikeo subscription = 10 applications

Autimo™ is part of the Amikeo pack of 10 applications

Autimo™ was designed to help people with mental disabilities or cognitive disorderslearn to recognize emotions and facial expressions through identification games (pair games, intruder games, guessing games) and picture support.

The content is fully customizable, with the option of adding photos and animations of parents and loved ones.

Particularly suitable for people of all ages with developmental disorders, and thanks to its design in collaboration with psychologists, speech therapists and specialized educators, this application can also be used by anyone to learn while having fun!

Autimo™ in video


3 adaptive exercises

Three exercises: find the pairs, spot the odd one out and associate a face with an emotion. Different levels of difficulty are available. The difficulty adapts to the answers.

Add photos of loved ones

Easily add photos of people around you to make it easier for users to stick to the exercises.

Personalizing reinforcers

A positive reinforcer is available at the end of each exercise. Create one tailored to the user.

Progress analysis

Evaluate the use of the application with the time spent on the application and on each exercise.


Apprend à reconnaître les émotions chez autrui
Favorise les relations sociales
Utilisable sur des temps de loisirs autonomes