Animal puzzle

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Puzzle Animaux™ is part of the Amikeo pack of 10 applications

Puzzle Animals™ is a fun application designed to teach you how to play jigsaw puzzles step by step!

With over 20 animal images to choose from, Animal Puzzle™ is the ideal app to accompany the first discovery of the puzzle game, from the simplest square shape to more complex gruyère shapes.

Designed in collaboration with teachers, special educators, speech therapists and psychologists, the Puzzle Animaux™ application helps develop shape and animal recognition through a streamlined, intuitive interface suitable for beginners.

Its playful progression system lets you work on logical reasoning, concentration, motor skills and hand-eye coordination, all while having fun!

Tip: Puzzle Animals™ is a great app to start using the tablet, as it lets you work on point-and-shift (“swipe”).

Puzzle Animals™ video


Work and play

Use Puzzle to develop logical reasoning, concentration, motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

18 levels of progress

Puzzles of 2, 4, 6 and 9 pieces; 2 different shapes of puzzle pieces; animations to encourage.

Customize content

Modify existing content. Add images from your gallery or by taking a photo at any time.

Create your own puzzle

Numerous parameters available from free mode to create puzzles according to the user’s needs.


Développe le raisonnement spatial
Favorise la motricité fine et la coordination occulo-manuelle
Accompagne pas à pas et s'adapte aux progrès
Utilisable sur des temps de loisir autonome