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Agenda™ is part of the pack of 10 Amikeo applications

Agenda™ is an application that helps you keep track of time thanks to a visual, personalized timetable. It can be used on the move, and is designed to promote autonomy. By providing a regular, reassuring framework, this application is in line with HAS and ANESM recommendations. Agenda™ helps visualize activities over a day or week with pictograms, photos and sounds added by the carer to create a personalized visual diary.

In manual mode, the user indicates that he/she is starting an activity and then that it is finished (the activity is then displayed crossed out in the agenda). In automatic mode, activities end according to programmed times.

The Agenda™ application enables users to improve their perception of time and their ability to plan. The user is thus secure when it comes to managing his or her schedule and completing tasks.


The Agenda™ application includes the following features:

  • Customizable photos, sounds, text and voice
  • Weekly and daily modes
  • Automatic or manual mode (activity is marked “completed” by the user)
  • Recurrence of events
  • Library of pre-recorded activities
  • Backup system
  • Secure access to content modification parameters

What’s more, the application can be used in conjunction with the Séquences™ application: it is thus possible to launch an activity and, in so doing, start an interactive sequential breaking down an activity into steps (brushing teeth, getting dressed…).


Easy-to-access, customizable interface

Easily navigate the calendar, view photos and listen to audio messages associated with activities.

Two display sizes for a simplified view

Week mode or day mode, depending on individual capabilities

Simple customization

With our 100 models or with your photos, with your voice or the synthesized voice…

Link to Sequences™ application

Simply connect an activity to a detailed sequence for task-by-task guidance