Françoise Le Goff

Françoise Le Goff

Areas of expertise

  • Supporting people with ASD
  • Applied behavior analysis
  • Alternative communication
  • Diagnostic and functional assessment
  • Running GEHS and discussion groups for people with ASD

Career path



EDI Formation

IKIGAI Association

Specialized educator

Maternelle Autism Teaching Unit

ADAPEI 22, IME Ker an héol

Specialized educator in private practice

Parents’ associations, Handicap 22, Families, CAF Escapades, …

Specialized educator

ADAPEI 22, IME Ker an héol

Diplomas and training

DU Pervasive developmental disorders and autism

University of Nantes

State Diploma in Specialized Education (DEES)

ITES, Brest

Specific training :

  • Watch’n Learn software training
  • Parenting guidance based on exchange and commitment therapy (ACT).
  • Professional crisis management PCM – practitioner 2.
  • Epsilon at school – basic training.
  • PECS training.
  • Snoezelen concept.
  • EDI Formation: Module F24 / F12 / F3 (educational strategies – visualized communication – behavioural analysis).



Last updated on May 10, 2023

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