Auticiel launches a monthly content program for professionals!

Published: 06 October 2023

Free, ready-to-use content

In 2022, Auticiel is launching a new program: each month, according to a specific theme and in line with the period or current events, new content will be available free of charge on each Amikeo tablet.

February, a sporty month

For this first edition and because of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, you can already find sports-related content on your Amikeo tablets!

So you can use the Amikeo tablet for sports in general, but also for the Olympic Games and, consequently, for … countries!


In the VOICE application, you’ll find a new Sports tab as well as an Olympic Games tab featuring a Country folder, a Winter Olympics 2022 folder and a Paralympics folder.


New items have been created in AGENDA around the theme of sport, to enhance the possibilities already available. You now have access to : Swimming pool, Horseback riding, Rollerblading, Scooter, Cycling, Gymnastics, Dance


You can now find six new quizzes in the Sport category of the SOCIAL HANDY application to work on social skills during sport and knowledge of the sporting environment.


A brand-new SEQUENCE with choices is available: “I’m getting my stuff ready to go to the pool”, and you can easily duplicate its model to adapt it to any sport you might need.

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