A look back at the biggest Amikeo Day ever: Thanks to Adapei la Réunion!

Published: 06 October 2023

On Thursday October 13, we met up withAdapei la Réunion for an Amikeo Day … grand format! No fewer than 350 people were waiting to hear about the best practices implemented in their establishments.

Families, beneficiaries and island professionals were all on hand for this day/festival 🚀


Between establishments, professionals and families who didn’t know each other, each was able to learn from the others in order to develop their use of digital technology in all the needs that beneficiaries might have, whether in their establishments, at home or in their social lives.


The result is the same for everyone: less mental workload and time saved, as sequences and pictograms are now all in one place and can be modified in a matter of seconds. Beneficiaries equipped with tablets can work at their own pace, according to their skills, or grow at their own pace, gaining in autonomy and self-determination .

Today we have 130 tablets, and our aim is to ensure that tablets become part of our work culture, wherever they are useful.

Tonino Legros
Managing Director, Adapei La Réunion

3 years of partnership

Since 2019, with 130 tablets now deployed across the 8 Adapei establishments, digital referents dedicated to the project, and hours and hours of use,this Amikeo Day was eagerly awaited by all: professionals, beneficiaries and families as well as theAuticiel team .

This tablet enables us to bring together all the visual tools that help young people to become autonomous in their daily lives.

Marie Élodie Poiny
Specialized educator, Auticiel referent – IMPRO Des Trois Mares

A dual objective

The entire project ofAdapei la Réunion andAuticiel over the past three years has been based on this dual objective, which seeks to bring about improvements in the lives of beneficiaries and teams of professionals alike.


Developing autonomy through digital technology

This area, dedicated to children, teenagers and adults with disabilities, focuses on develop autonomy with sequences timers and a to enable beneficiaries to communicate using pictograms and voice synthesis, d’improve social skills with games and videos, to learn with exercises, and to develop links with families and reducing the digital divide for people with mental and/or cognitive disabilities

Sharing teaching resources and practices through digital technology

This second area is dedicated to associations and medical-social professionals, and enables them to support individualized accompaniment and autonomy in line with the recommendations of the HAS, theimprove coordination between all support staff by pooling data and practices to ensure a seamless path, from create inter-institutional links and share information on a regional scale, d’save design time and paper-cardboard material purchasing costs, but also spreading the use of digital technology in the medical-social sector

Thank you for this
Amikeo Day

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