6 vacation destinations for disabled people and their families

Published: 06 October 2023

Go on vacation with the person you’re caring for, while taking time out for yourself as a couple or with the rest of your siblings… It’s possible!
This summer, Évasion Handicap Famille is offering 14 destinations throughout France adapted to the specific needs of everyone.

What is Évasion Handicap Famille?

This device offers two possibilities:

For the family caregiver: listening, advice and well-being!

With Évasion Handicap Famille, caregivers benefit from a listening ear and support concerning their rights. A time of expression and exchange is organized with our partners; During the stay, well-being activities are also available at VVF Villages vacances to take a breather and share moments of conviviality.

For young people with disabilities: 5 days of tailor-made welcome!

At each of our vacation villages, Ufcv provides support for your loved one with a disability.

Throughout the stay, our two Évasion handicap famille guides offer workshops to let everyone express themselves. These leisure activities are not compulsory, and holidaymakers are free to join in whenever they like: for a whole day or just a few hours, at their own pace. In this way, your loved ones with disabilities can enjoy activities in small groups of 3 or 4 people maximum, adapted to their needs and desires, and supervised by Ufcv animation professionals.


Throughout your stay, you’ll find a full range of activities and relaxation:

  • A listening service prior to the stay , with a dedicated reception team and a relay to the Écoute & Conseils platform for caregivers.
  • Well-being” activities offered by VVF Villages to promote respite in an inclusive approach.
  • A time for sharing ideas on care
    – A proposal developed in particular with the Compagnie des Aidants.
    – Discussion groups and information sessions.
  • A full-day welcome for your loved ones with disabilities, punctuated by specially adapted activities.

We present some of their stays 👇

The Châteaux of the Loire at Amboise

Club Intense Les Châteaux de la Loire in Amboise offers the ideal setting for discovering the Loire Valley region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among the vineyards, gardens and chateaux of the Loire Valley, discover a region rich in history and as picturesque as can be. Happy vacations in Amboise!

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Les Pierres Rouges in Collonges-la-Rouge

A vacation in Collonges-la-Rouge is like turning the pages of an open-air history book. Entirely built of the red sandstone that gives the town its name, this medieval town with its castles and fine residences is often considered France’s most beautiful village. Located just a stone’s throw from the heart of the town, Club Intense Les Pierres Rouges in Collonges-la-Rouge is the ideal place to discover the town and the Dordogne valley.

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The Normandy coast at Veules-les-Roses

Veules-les-Roses, just the name of this charming Normandy seaside resort smacks of vacations. Club Essentiel La Côte Normande in Veules-les-Roses overlooks the village and opens onto the sea. During your vacation in Veules-les-Roses, enjoy the charms of the Normandy coast, with its long sandy beaches and steep cliffs.

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Ker Rah Koed in Larmor Baden

In the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, the Ker Rah Koed residence in Larmor-Baden is a typical small marina and renowned seaside resort. Close to shops, activities and the beach, the residence lets you enjoy the Breton charm of this pretty town. During your vacation In Larmor-Baden, head for the 4 offshore islands: Gavrinis, Berder, Radenec and Longue. A voyage on the ocean that will reveal all the secrets of these little Breton pearls. Escape guaranteed! Happy vacations in Larmor-Baden!

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Les Ecrins in Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur

Club Essentiel Les Écrins in Saint-Bonnet-en Champsaur is located in a mountain setting on the borders of the Alps and Provence. During your Écrins vacation in Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur, enjoy nature walks in the Écrins massif or in the Valgaudemar valley.

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Le Plateau Provençal in Lagrand

Club Essentiel Le Plateau Provençal in Lagrand is located on the border between the Alps and Provence, in the “Sisteronnais – Buëch” region: a mosaic of cultures and territories. On the program for your vacation in: breathe in the sweet scent of lavender and live to the rhythm of Provence, lulled by the song of the cicadas.

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