4 gifts to complement your Amikeo tablet

Published: 06 October 2023

Your child has an Amikeo tablet and you’re looking for useful accessories to give him or her? We’ve selected 4 useful items to complete your tablet pack

Protection for charger cables

Often abused on a daily basis, charger cables tend to be damaged prematurely, especially at the ends, which are often twisted in all directions.

That’s why it’s a good idea to install a cable protector to extend the life of your cable.

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An adapted carrying case

The Amikeo tablet is made to follow your child everywhere, but it can sometimes be cumbersome to keep in hand all the time if your child uses it to communicate. A carrying pouch over the shoulder is particularly practical, so you always have it close at hand.

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Waterproof protection

Sometimes you need to get the Amikeo tablet close to water, for example to carry out a sequence on washing hands, teeth or showering, but the idea of it getting wet scares you? A waterproof pouch will easily solve the problem!

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A GPS tracker so you never lose your tablet again

It’s small enough to stick on your tablet, and thanks to the linked app you’ll always be able to find your Amikeo tablet!

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