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ClassIt™ is part of the Amikeo pack of 10 applications

Knowing that a banana and an apple are fruits depends on our ability to categorize information.
With over 250 photos and illustrations and 34 levels to progress through, ClassIt™ contains exercises and supports to develop this ability to conceptualize.

ClassIt™ is the ideal app to accompany families’ first discovery with animals, vehicles, clothes, colors….

Its playful progression system allows you to work on logical reasoning, concentration, motor skills and hand-eye coordination, all while having fun. Use the “progress” area to track your strengths and areas for improvement!

Designed in collaboration with teachers, special educators, speech therapists and psychologists, the ClassIt™ app helps develop identification, generalization and classification through a streamlined, intuitive and fun interface.

ClassIt™ in video


Over 250 images and illustrations already integrated

The combination of illustrations and images allows us to tackle different levels of abstraction.

30 levels of progress

Choose the level of difficulty and the category you wish to work on.

Customizable images and categories

Enrich existing categories by adding your own images and illustrations, and create your own categories.

Progress analysis

Evaluate application usage in terms of time spent on the application and on each level.


Développe les connaissances et enrichit le vocabulaire
Apprend à identifier, généraliser et trier
Permet d'évaluer finement les progrès et points à travailler
Utilisable sur des temps de loisir autonome